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Measurements: This pincushion measures 10 x 10cm.

Materials: Scrap of off-white wool blanketing, the kind used for heirloom ribbon embroidery.
I found a piece 28 X 23cm to be just big enough to fit in my embroidery hoop.

8 - 8mm mother of pearl shirt buttons

8 - 10mm mother of pearl shirt buttons

32 metallic copper seed beads with holes large enough to accomodate

4 strands of ordinary sewing cotton

4 clear ruby red seed beads of the same size

8 - 5mm silver cup sequins

6 strand embroidery thread in the following colours:
pale dusty pink
medium dusty pink rub red (to match the seed beads)
caramel brown
light dusty green (not pale)
medium dusty green
bottle green

Ordinary sewing thread to match the medium shade of pink

Sewing thread to match your fabric

40 - 50 sewing pins with tops in your choice of colour to match the pincushion

Handful of soft filling

Appropriate embroidery and sewing needles

Tissue paper for tracing


Set square


3cm high initial, either hand drawn or from your favourite transfer or computer font.


1: Trace a 10 x 10cm square onto your tissue paper. Join the diagonals to find the centre and
draw a circle with a 4cm diameter in the centre.

2: Place the tissue over your fabric and baste over the outlines of the square and circle in a contrasting thread.
Make sure you have the grain running parallel to the sides of the square.

3: Embroider the front of the pincushion as follows, using 6 strands of thread throughout
(except where stated otherwise):

Embroidery Diagram

key Button, sequin, red bead.
key Lazy Daisy st.
key 8mm shirt button.
key French Knot.
key Running Stitch couched with three evenly spaced stitches.
key Button, sequin, metallic copper beads.

a) Embroider your monogram in the centre of the circle with the caramel thread using stitches
and thread thickness appropriate to your choice of letter.

b) Embroider the circle with french knots using the lightest shade of green.

c) Embroider the four lazy daisy stitches attatched to the circle using the medium shade of green.

d) Following the embroidery diagram, sew on the eight 8mm shirt buttons with the medium shade of
pink embroidery thread.

e) Using 2 strands of the the matching pink sewing thread sew on the four large buttons between the
small buttons as follows:

Sew through the button twice
Bring the thread back to the front of the button,
through a sequin,
over the edge of the sequin and through the same button-hole again.

Repeat for the other side of the sequin, using the other button-hole

Bring the thread back to the front of the button and through the sequin,
through 8 metallic copper seed beads,
back through the first bead you threaded,
back through the sequin and the other hole in the button
Make 2 small stitches on the back of the fabric so as not to pull the thread too tight
Bring the thread to the front as before, through both the hole in the button and sequin,
Wrap the thread just below the first bead two or three times to make the beads able to lie flat.
Take the thread back through the sequin and the other button-hole and fasten off at the back of your work.

Still sane? My brain hurts...

f) Embroider the three french knots near each corner with the pale pink thread.

g) Embroider the lazy daisy sts in each corner, and the couched threads on each side of the square
with the bottle green thread.

h) Finally sew on the remaining buttons with two strands of the red embroidery thread in each corner,
so as to form a little "flower", as follows:

Bring the thread through the button,
sequin, bead,
Back through the sequin,
through the button and fasten off at the back.

4: Cut out the square, leaving a 1cm seam allowance all round. Cut another square to match, making
sure you have the grain of the fabric running parallel to the sides of the square.

5: With right sides facing, sew the squares together, remembering to leave a hole large enough to turn
the pincushion out the right way. Trim corners and turn cushion out the right way.

6: Fill firmly with stuffing (or stuff firmly with filling...) and sew the opening closed with an invisible stitch.

7: Now take all those lovely coloured pins and stick them in the cushion along the seams, making sure
you have the same number on all sides and that they are evenly spaced.

8: Finished!



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